Artifice Photography & Design is located in Angola, IN, and is the result of Matt and Nicole combining the experience they had each gained from over 20 combined years in foodservice and retail management, with their love for art and creative expression.

Matt is Co-Owner and Technical Director of Artifice Photography & Design.  He studied Web Design while attending school for Business Management and Marketing.  Matt and Nicole met in 2018, and by late 2019, were in business together to offer an affordable solution for professional photography, branding, and web design for local families and small businesses.

Nicole is Co-Owner and Creative Director of Artifice Photography & Design.  While growing up, Nicole always loved art.  This eventually led her into the world of Photography and Graphic Design.  When the two met, Nicole knew they belonged together and should form a business that combines both their artistic abilities.

Mackenzie is 6 years old and loves unicorns, playing dress-up, and asking countless questions.  Morgan is three years old and enjoys getting in touch with his destructive side, and terrorizing Mackenzie.