Graphic Design & Branding

We have all heard how you can't judge a book by it's cover, but more and more in this digital age, that's exactly what we do. We eat with our eyes first. What is visual makes an impact. We want to pair your vision with our creativity and empower you to stand out and look great while doing it. Let's create a brand together that's uniquely you and consistent in print and online!

Whether you need a flyer designed for your next corporate networking event, or a complete branding package for your new startup, our Graphic Design team will help bring your vision to life.

Our Branding Identity Design Process

Building a brand identity is an exciting task. One that requires great minds and a great vision to execute properly. Your brand vision is who you are as a company and also how everyone will see you, whether online, or in print.

Discovery: To figure out what makes you different and better than your competition, we need to not only know you, but who they are and what they offer. This stage will be about learning you and your business, that of your competitors, as well as thorough market research, to more precisely focus on who your audience is and how your brand can appeal to their unique desires.   

Develop Brand Strategy: Here we will define the 'why' for your existence and focus on the core set of values you want to have as a brand. Your strategy should consist of specific objectives that mark different points of your brand creation. Your brand strategy in turn informs your business strategy. Your mission and core values directly strengthen the culture of your company and help you maintain internal consistency. 


Develop Brand Identity: Your brand identity is made up of tangible, recognizable brand elements  that work as a cohesive whole. The main objective of every brand identity is to create something distinct and recognizable by customers. The identity brings your brand to life and turns it into an experience - something customers can interact with.     

Build Brand Style Guide: All the work you put into understanding your brand and designing your brand elements is wasted without a style guide to keep track of your choices. The style guide is a technical resource that outlines how to use your brand assets in no uncertain terms. All successful brands have a style guide for the usage of their logo and branding assets. 


Build Brand Awareness: Creating a brand is only the beginning. This step of the branding process is concerned with your long-term branding strategies. You need to develop your strategy so that your branding is consistent in all communication, as well as experience.

Our Graphic Design

Our Graphic Design process begins with you.  You know your business the best and have had a vision for it from the start.

The Brief: A brief is a set of instructions or directions about the project at hand. When we receive your request for a quote for graphic design services we will email you a blank graphic design brief so we can learn more about your goals, expectations, and who you are as a business.   

Discovery & Research: After receiving a completed brief, we will conduct thorough research on your market and competitors, to ensure any design we present to you will appeal to your target market and stand up to the quality of your top competitors.


Concept Development: Now that we have a clear understanding of what will and won't work for your business, we can begin to develop concepts to see what stands out the most. Something unique, memorable, and personal toy your business, that is appropriate for your target market.

Design Creation: During our discovery process we create moodboards and sketch out different concepts to direct the design process. When we are building the design we refer to these along with our final chosen concept, to ensure we are heading in the right direction to ensure the final delivered material is in line with your expectations. 

Feedback & Revisions: Now arrives the day you have been waiting for. We can get together in-person, or on a call or video chat, and go over your designs together. We will take notes of all your feedback and discuss ways to correct everything.

Approval & Delivery: Now that we have corrected anything addressed in the past step, we can submit the design to you for final approval. Once we have received your sign-off, we will deliver the final design package. At this point, if any printing was included in your order, we will begin production.

We help create brands that

move businesses forward.

Our team of creative designers will apply our deep understanding of strategic design to visually convey compelling brand & product messages that resonate with your target audience, helping you stand out among even your toughest competitors.​