Do I Need A Website? They Are So Expensive!

Updated: Nov 12

This is a question that we get asked a lot. The short and quick answer is yes! If you want a successful business, in this day and age, you need to have an established online presence. The best way to do this, is with a website that engages people, is informative, and is able to convert leads into sales. In the long run, this will save you time and money paying employees to answer questions that could be readily available online.

There are over 4.9 Billion active internet users in the world, and of those, 4.28 Billion people use their mobile devices to go online, which is why a good website design is key!

Consumers Don't Trust a Business Without an Online Presence.

Your website is the number one marketing asset for your small business. In 2020, it was projected that 2.05 billion internet users are expected to buy something online, for a total of $3.914 trillion in eCommerce sales. Because of this, over 40% of consumers say they don't find a business without a website credible.

Engaging Websites Increase Your Revenue and ROI.

In this digital age we live in, you can easily build a website with little, to no upfront costs. While it will never rival that of your top competitor's sites if you don't invest in it, it will enable you to reach a larger audience to advertise your products or services. A website properly optimized for search engines will open the door to endless leads.

81% of consumers perform online research before making a purchase.

Establish Business Credibility & Online Presence.

If you want your customers to see that you take your business seriously, then it is vital that you invest in a professional website design. In an era where more than 50% of mobile users identify a new business or product by browsing on their smartphones, it will hurt your reputation by not having a mobile-friendly website design.

According to a survey, 75% of internet consumers admit to judging a business based on their website design. People may invest in a business they can trust, and your website is a cornerstone to making that connection.

A Website Allows Your Business To Operate 24/7.

No business owner wants to be working at 3 am, but that is exactly when some people like to shop. Your business can shut down at 5 pm, with no one picking up the phone to answer questions about your business. However, with an engaging and informative website, your business will be live 24 hours a day, 365 days a year promoting your business and introducing your services to your client. With a fully functional eCommerce site, your business will be available to take orders all the time - not simply between 9 am and 5 pm.

Showcase Your Products & Services, As Well As Special Offers and Discounts.

Your target market's first contact with your brand is with your website. You are absolutely in charge of how you put your business out there. Not only can you display your products or outline your services in detail with beautiful images, but you can also provide short video tutorials and downloadable PDF instructions to give hesitant customers no reason to go elsewhere to purchase. You can also highlight your promotions, ratings, and any other features that will relieve the discomfort of your visitors. This raises the total time a potential customer spends on your website, while decreasing your time spent on the phone, or replying to emails.

All Your Top Competitors Have A Website.

This might sound cliche, but it makes a great deal of sense. You do not have a monopoly on your industry. Thousands of businesses, if not more, currently offer the same goods and services as you are offering, and most of them will have a functioning website. If you're not staying competitive, with your competition, you're giving potential clients reasons to buy from another brand.

A Good Website With Good SEO Will Get Your Business Showing Up In Search Results, Increasing Leads.

Optimizing for correct keywords will improve the traffic to your site, and reduce your customer path. One of your opportunities to threaten the industry is to get a leading role in the search results list. Therefore, if you do not dominate with your online visibility, you are giving your customer reasons to shop with your competitor, instead of with your brand.

Our team has experienced market changes since the early 2000s and with our vast knowledge of user experience design, SEO, and the technical aspects behind website development and hosting. We are more than prepared to build a website that is not only beautiful, but search engine optimized, mobile-friendly, and intuitive, to help you improve your website conversion, thus increasing your return on the initial investment, made into your website.